Happy Birthday Demon!
Subject: Happy Birthday Demon!
From: Marcelo Porto on 08/25/2014
I salute you from Buenos Aires,Argentina,have a great day!!!
Happy Birthday to the God of Thundewr
Subject: Happy Birthday to the God of Thundewr
From: Martin Zamorano - KISSFEVER Argentina on 08/25/2014
We want to wish to the still GOD OF THUNDER a Happy birthday from all his fans in Argentina. www,kissfever.com.ar
Happy Birthday Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday Gene
From: Kate on 08/25/2014
Happy Birthday Gene! Hope you have a Wonderful Day your Family and Friends! Best Wishes From Kate
Happy birthday Gene
Subject: Happy birthday Gene
From: Martina on 08/25/2014
I wish you happy birthday, health and many good days. So I send picture inspired your show last year in Czech Republic. I hope that I will can see you in Prague again. Martina, The Czech Republic
Paul & Our Son - Detroit - August 23, 2014
Subject: Paul & Our Son - Detroit - August 23, 2014
From: DETROIT on 08/24/2014
A big THANK YOU to Paul Stanley for bringing our son on stage Saturday night in DETROIT ROCK CITY! An honor - a privilege - a memorable night that our son will never forget! Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric - THANK YOU from the bottom of a proud dad's heart. You are the BEST!
Happy birthday ..Gene
Subject: Happy birthday ..Gene
From: Marian Cira on 08/24/2014
Gene,....I wish all the best for 65 birthday !!! Marian Cira Czech republic in Europe
Detroit last night
Subject: Detroit last night
From: Nicole Lendman on 08/24/2014
Last night was the first time ever that I have been able to see you guys in person! Then I find out its your 40th anniversary and that its for the troops! What a special night it was for my and my Husband! I really hope you release a dvd of this tour so we can have it for a keep sake! Thank you for An Awesome Night!! You have helped shape the Music world and inspired many to explore new sounds! You guys are the Gods of Rock!!! Hope to see you Next year!
is Everywhere
Subject: KISS is Everywhere
From: Andrew John Standish on 08/24/2014
Hope you are able to view this outside the U.K. Latest video from the band Slow Club: http://slowclubband.com/ http://youtu.be/0_Jr3-nbofQ?list=PLS02rPvIUWwI94HzdBCr8LdA2d_DjZw40 Hope they asked permission to use the make up designs!
From: Emerson Deuschl on 08/24/2014
August 25 is a very special Date in KISSTORY !
In Detroit!
Subject: KISS In Detroit!
From: Duke Peltier on 08/23/2014
Another incredible show at DTE in Michigan by KISS! Was walking around when I saw a couple familiar Paul Stanley's hanging around and soon enough we had a crowd gathered around us. Here's us with a young KISS rocker! Thanks again, KISS for the fifth and most unforgettable show of yours I've seen! -Duke-
Happy Birthday, Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday, Gene
From: Kissaragui on 08/23/2014
Nobelsville 8/22 2014 Show
Subject: Nobelsville 8/22 2014 Show
From: Ken Inman on 08/22/2014
I was at the show tonight and even though you could not use your props to their fullest you still put on the best stage show I have ever seen. Keep it up, you are fantastic. I hope to see you again. My son and his fiance were with me at the concert. Unfortunately I could not lift him up when Paul called for it. At 25 years old he is taller than me and out weighs me. ;). My GF's son was there also with his friends. This concert was part of his gifts for his graduation from basic training for the Army Reserve. He is 17, still in high school and has to return for AIT next summer. I suspect you now have another generation of fans. Sincerely, Ken Inman
gta 5
Subject: kiss gta 5
From: ethan on 08/22/2014
this is a picture of my gta 5 crew emblem I made I just wanted u to see it.6f82c4d2848330ae2fc04e6461236bbfdc590c89_512[1 or try this link C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\6f82c4d2848330ae2fc04e6461236bbfdc590c89_512[1].png
Me dressed as Gene for me and my wife's birthday party
Subject: Me dressed as Gene for me and my wife's birthday party
From: Matthew Patrick on 08/20/2014
Rocking out our birthday KISS style
Anaheim '76
Subject: Anaheim '76
From: Steve Zacks on 08/20/2014
Sharing this photograph I took 38 years ago today from the field in Anaheim, August 20th, 1976.
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